Oochie Breda Breda. Oochie Barst Barst.

It’s been a while since we posted something relevant. Not that we’ve been sitting still. On the contrary!
We were lucky enough to share the stage with Off With Their Heads, Teenage Bottlerocket, Antillectual, Tim Vantol, Smash The Statues, F.O.D., Gino’s Eyeball and lots of other great bands. 
A big thank you goes out to all those bands, bookers, promoters and people that came out to the show! We had an incredible time 🙂

There’s a lot of good news coming your way soon. But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is meant to inform you, that we can confirm a last minute show in the neighbourhood…

Spaanse Kraag stage 17:00 p.m. 
With: March, Smash The Statues, This Routine Is Hell, Traumahelikopter

Go to the promenade with us! See you in Breda!

More news coming soon!


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