Two weeks after the release of “PØLP” on Vinyl and CD on Shield Recordings, Trilob Records is releasing this badboy on cassette tape!

It is limited to 25 pieces, so don’t sleep on it.
For sale over here: http://trilobrecords.bigcartel.com/


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Our debut full length is released today! It is available on Vinyl, CD and also Digital.

Order yours at:

Special package deals (CD/LP + Shirt / Girls Tank Top) are available at our webshop.

Pressing info:
– 100 x Clear & Solid Red mixed
– 200 x Solid Silver
– 6 pannel Digipack CD
– Streaming at Dying Scene
– Streaming at 3voor12 Luisterpaal

Special thanks to Gert Jan and Fieke from Shield Recordings for making this happen.

Enjoy! And please spread the word!

See you at one of the shows:

– Harsh Realms

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PØLP on DyingScene

DyingScene.com is streaming our upcoming full length album ‘PØLP’ in full!
Head over to their website, listen, and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

The album will officially be released on October 1st and is still up for pre-order at the Shield Recordings webstore.
Available on colored vinyl (clear and solid red mixed, or solid silver), as a digipack CD, or digital. We also got some nice package deals with an exclusive shirt, plus Shield Rec will give away 2 testpresses to 2 lucky people who pre-order “PØLP” on vinyl.



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Pre-orders PØLP online

You can now pre-order your copy of PØLP at the Shield Recordings distro. We expect to ship the pre-orders in the first week of October.

Here’s a small teaser!

We’ve got lots of different package-deals going on; LP’s, CD’s, Shirts..
The shirt was designed for us by Dominik at Coughing Coffins, thanks a lot mate!

Also, two of the testpressings will be given away for free, this may be your lucky day!

Pressing info
15 x Testpress
100 x Clear with solid red mixed
200 x Solid Silver
6 pannel Digipack CD


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We are proud to announce that we are officially joining the Shield Recordings family to release our very first full length LP/CD called PØLP.

The release will contain 11 tracks that we recorded with the greatest campingbøss of the Dutch punkrock scene: Nico van Montfort. Nico also mixed the thing.
The mastering was done by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering, New Jersey, USA. He’s known for bands such as I Am The Avalanche, Make Do And Mend, Daylight, Tigers Jaw and The Wonder Years.

The artwork was done by Tyler Gibson at Doom Toof Design. So far he has done artwork for bands like Banner Pilot, Notington and Elway. So we are pretty stoked to be working with him!

The release is scheduled for October 1st and will be followed with a bunch of shows.

You can pre-order the vinyl or cd versions soon through http://www.shieldrecordings.com/releases/harsh-realms-plp-cdlp

We are happy that we will be working with a great label that released records for bands like: Antillectual, The Real Danger, the Road Home, Make Do and Mend, Tim VanTol, Astpai, Sweet Empire, This Routine Is Hell, Accelerators, PJ Bond, Ducking Punches, and many more.

So it’s onwards that we go!

01. Fragile Times Above The Flood
02. Cityscape
03. Hiroo
04. To Be Honest
05. In Need Of Guidance
06. I The Cause
07. The Clapperboard
08. First At The Crime Scene
09. Flogging A Dead Horse
10. This Silence
11. Last At The Party Scene


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Surprise, surprise. New søng online!

Guess who’s back, back again, Harsh Realms’ back, tell a friend.
And we’ve got a full length album coming up soon!

Bearded Punk has been kind enough to include one of our new songs on their new sampler. Also included are songs by some of our favorite bands and friends such as Nothington, Apologies I Have None, Tim Vantol, F.O.D., Ducking Punches, Restorations, PUP, The Smith Street Band, Great Cynics, Muncie Girls, Dead Neck, Note To Amy, Paper Arms, Silver & Gold, and many many more. Go check it out!

More details on the album, artwørk, release date, tracklist, pre-orders, etc., will be announced very soon. But for now: enjoy! We hope you like it.

Harsh Realms – Maarten, Hans, Wouter, Coen

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Street lights and ceiling fans

Boemklatsj; they arrived! Our Split EPs with Dear America.

Here’s a lyric video for the song To Be Honest so you can sing along: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-VBJLg-Y1s

Order yours at:

It is available on:
– Red/Orange split vinyl (100x)
– Clear vinyl (100x)
– Black vinyl (100x)

There are some special 7″ + Shirt combo deals on our bigcartel page!

And for the digital boyz, it is also available on:
Amazon Germany
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Special thanks to Ron from No Panic! Records for making this happen.

We’ve also added some gigs in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands at our gigs page. We’ll be sharing the stage with amazing bands such as Apologies I Have None, Dear America, The Lowest Standard, Starry, A Time To Stand, Think Ahead, Gino’s Eyeball, Misgivings, March, The Law Won, and many many more, hell, we’ll even play the ‘The Death Traps‘ goodbye show in August [damn!].

See you on the road! Give us beer [and jagermeister for Marty].

Harsh Realms


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Selling hooks with lots of screaming.

It took us a while, but here are the details on our Split 7” with Dear America! It will officially be released on the 20th of May. The first review can be read over here, thanks Second Man On The Moon!

You can listen (or buy) the digital release over here. And the physical release can be pre-ordered by visiting the No Panic! Records shop over here. It costs 5 euros (+ shipment).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jasper van den Broek. Mastered for vinyl by Nico van Montfort.

It’s a vinyl only release, and will be pressed onto:
100 x red / orange split
100 x clear
100 x black

We’re all stoked on finally releasing some new stuff since our debut 7”!
By the way, the song Chemistry of that first single is featured on a sampler by our booking agency Unternative Events & Bookings! Download it over here. It’s free. Also featured are our heroes in River Jumpers, Antillectual, The Death Traps, Schelles, March, Starry, Dowzer, Sparky’s Revenge, Dirty Bastards, … , the list just keeps going on and on and on.

O, and did you know that we provided some backing vocals for the The Death Traps debut EP? You can download their EP over here. Seven instant bangers.

In other news, as you might have noticed; we’re in the studio again! That explains the lack of show-updates lately. More info on our next release soon..
But first we’ll meet at the legendary Claiming The Crown fest on April 25th. We had a blast last year and this year will probably be even better! Also performing are our good friends The Death Traps, March and The Law Won. So please, pretty please, get your ass over there!


– The Harsh Realms Wi-Fi Association

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We’ll be gnomes

2014 started off great! We did amazing shows with lots of whooping bands such as Starry, River Jumpers, The Death Traps, The Priceduifkes, etc. Plus we played the second edition of Bastard Fest with lots of more amazing bands, which was awesome!

Our next gig will be on the 4th of March with the legendary A Wilhelm Scream, Astpai and lots of more brutal bands. This will be a carnival show, so feel free to dress up and stuff. We just got word that it’s already SOLD OUT, this will be so rad.

But, we made a promise in our previous news message, right? Recordings, huh?

While some of us were busy fighting windmills, we also found the time to record a Split 7”. We recorded it DIY style with the master of maggi-cooking; Jasper van den Broek, known for his work with Call It Off, The Lowest Standard and Wasted Bullet. The 7” will be shared with UK based band Dear America. Check these guys out, we know you’ll like them.

It will be released on the European punk & hardcore label NO PANIC! Records. So far they released records by bands such as The Riot Before, The 101’s, River Jumpers, so I guess you know why we are stoked to become part of their legacy!

Pre-order details will follow soon, just a little more patience..

That’s it for now. This weekend we’ll be celebrating carnival, so hopefully not too many embarrassing photos pop-up!


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A bird with no wings is a rat to me – Our view on 2013.

The year started off great, doing shows with Lower Than Atlantis, Apologies I Have None, Smoke Or Fire, Astpai, Versus The World, PJ Bond and Nothington in Holland, Belgium and Germany. Call that a start of a year. Sharing the stage with so many great names. Bands that have inspired us to make punk rock and all.

Then somewhere in June we had to cope with the major setback of Deny leaving the band. It’s quite hard to deal with such a thing, just when everything is working out so well. But Deny had his good reasons and we were ofcourse okay with that. Deny did all the shows we had left, untill we’d find a replacement.

The search for a new guitar player began and it took us about a few months to find the right one. Coen was ready complete the band again.

Coen’s first 3 shows (in one weekend) were not with the least of names. Off With Their Heads, Teenage Bottlerocket and Antillectual. Call that a baptism of fire! But he did well, we did well. Great shows!

We’re talking summer now. And that means festivals. We had the honour to play at Brakrock (BE), Rock Over Halsteren, Bunkfest, Breda Barst and Mohawk Open Air (DE).

We ended up doing a 30 some shows, and amongst them, two in the UK. Thanks to Paul Perity and River Jumpers for this.

And now I hear you guys thinking: ‘What’s with the releases?’. Right, there were none 😉 But we’ll make that up to you in 2014. And that’s a promise!

We’d like to thank everyone that booked us a show, gave us a floor to sleep on, came to a show, started a pitt or supported us in any other way. Also props to White Russian Records for supporting us and releasing awesome shit!
For now, have a rocking new year and don’t forget to put your beer goggles on!




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