This was supposed to be a celebration

And so we write these words down after completing an awesome set of shows with Red City Radio, Pears, the Dutch Rudders, March, the Real Danger, Cheap Drugs, Priceduifkes and much more. We made a lot of new friends, we’ve seen so many beautiful places and drank so much lovely beers across Europe. It’s not that hard to say we had the best time of our lives the past couple of months. But as time passes on we thought it would be a good idea to take some time off to write new songs and to attend to other personal matters like cleaning the oven or checking our tires.

So for now we take a little break to return in August as fresh as a baguette du fromage on a Sunday morning! Hope to bring some new tunes to your ears at the shows that are planned after our little break. But for now you guys have to do it with our full length PØLP. We are happy as fuck with the fact that there are only 3 pink copies left of this record. So if you want one, take a fast look at our merchandise page or check out the website of our lovely friends and family of Shield Recørdings!

So we crawl back in to our little realms and wish all of you all the best for the next few months. And we kick some kontjes when we return after the summer!



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