Resolutions and whiskey dreams

A little late, but we’re happy to say that we survived another year of partying! Well, most of the time we we’re just messing around playing mario kart or duck hunt. I’ve been told we’ve released a split 7” and our debut album last year, which is pretty sweet. Thanks for the support boys and girls!

Since our latest post we had some really awesome gigs with bands such as Baxter, Dirty Bastards, Drunktank, March, We’rewolves, Deadbeats and Sunpower.
So.. what’s next? In the very near future we will be playing gigs in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and (of course) The Netherlands. We’re looking forward to be playing the already legendary festivals Crossbonefest and Brakrock Ecofest – Indoor Spring Edition, while sharing the stage with some of the coolest bands alive: Red City Radio, Atlas Losing Grip, Pears, The Dopamines, The Murderburgers, Apologies I Have None, The Dutch Rudders, and so much more. Siked als ‘n malle! Check out our gigs section for more info.

See you on the road!

– The Realms

flyer_gouda flyer_redcityradiobrakrock flyer_crossbonefest2015

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