State of mind

Soooo, PØLP was released six weeks ago. We’d like to thank everyone for streaming, buying and sharing! We hope you like it!

The pink vinyl is almost sold out, as well as the cassette tapes. So if you want one of those, hurry to our webstore. Because we’re cheap bastards and don’t want to pay for our Bigcartel page, the store is not perfect. If you think you’re paying too much for shipping costs, please send us a message. We’ll sort something out.

We want to thank each and everyone for the (mostly) positive feedback. We really appreciate it. Below the reviews of PØLP we’ve seen so far. Some very positive, some a bit less positive. It’s all about opinions.. But we’re happy to see that most people seem to like our album:

Rock XXL (9/10) (BE)
SWNK (90/100)
Underdog Fanzine (DE)
Mass Movement (UK) (70/100)
Out Of Step HC (BE) (8.5/10)
Lords Of Metal (74/100)

Meanwhile, we’ve been playing awesome shows at BoemTikFest, Heerhugowaard, Brute Boul, Paderborn, Essen and Aachen with some of the best bands; like When There Is None, White Hand Gibbon, Starry, Modern Saints, Resolutions, LateGeneration, March, Screw Houston, and many more.

Our next shows will be in Wageningen, Middelburg and Weinheim. And we’ll be announcing a short European tour soon. Keep checking our shows page for more info.
Life is good!

Take care,
– The Realms

P.S. did you know that we’re an Instagram band now? Facebook has been fucking with us for too long, but we’ll try to update that page as well.. sometimes..

(picture taken at BoemTikFest 2014 by Nous Daovise)

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