We are proud to announce that we are officially joining the Shield Recordings family to release our very first full length LP/CD called PØLP.

The release will contain 11 tracks that we recorded with the greatest campingbøss of the Dutch punkrock scene: Nico van Montfort. Nico also mixed the thing.
The mastering was done by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering, New Jersey, USA. He’s known for bands such as I Am The Avalanche, Make Do And Mend, Daylight, Tigers Jaw and The Wonder Years.

The artwork was done by Tyler Gibson at Doom Toof Design. So far he has done artwork for bands like Banner Pilot, Notington and Elway. So we are pretty stoked to be working with him!

The release is scheduled for October 1st and will be followed with a bunch of shows.

You can pre-order the vinyl or cd versions soon through http://www.shieldrecordings.com/releases/harsh-realms-plp-cdlp

We are happy that we will be working with a great label that released records for bands like: Antillectual, The Real Danger, the Road Home, Make Do and Mend, Tim VanTol, Astpai, Sweet Empire, This Routine Is Hell, Accelerators, PJ Bond, Ducking Punches, and many more.

So it’s onwards that we go!

01. Fragile Times Above The Flood
02. Cityscape
03. Hiroo
04. To Be Honest
05. In Need Of Guidance
06. I The Cause
07. The Clapperboard
08. First At The Crime Scene
09. Flogging A Dead Horse
10. This Silence
11. Last At The Party Scene


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