Street lights and ceiling fans

Boemklatsj; they arrived! Our Split EPs with Dear America.

Here’s a lyric video for the song To Be Honest so you can sing along:

Order yours at:

It is available on:
– Red/Orange split vinyl (100x)
– Clear vinyl (100x)
– Black vinyl (100x)

There are some special 7″ + Shirt combo deals on our bigcartel page!

And for the digital boyz, it is also available on:
Amazon Germany
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Special thanks to Ron from No Panic! Records for making this happen.

We’ve also added some gigs in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands at our gigs page. We’ll be sharing the stage with amazing bands such as Apologies I Have None, Dear America, The Lowest Standard, Starry, A Time To Stand, Think Ahead, Gino’s Eyeball, Misgivings, March, The Law Won, and many many more, hell, we’ll even play the ‘The Death Traps‘ goodbye show in August [damn!].

See you on the road! Give us beer [and jagermeister for Marty].

Harsh Realms


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