Selling hooks with lots of screaming.

It took us a while, but here are the details on our Split 7” with Dear America! It will officially be released on the 20th of May. The first review can be read over here, thanks Second Man On The Moon!

You can listen (or buy) the digital release over here. And the physical release can be pre-ordered by visiting the No Panic! Records shop over here. It costs 5 euros (+ shipment).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jasper van den Broek. Mastered for vinyl by Nico van Montfort.

It’s a vinyl only release, and will be pressed onto:
100 x red / orange split
100 x clear
100 x black

We’re all stoked on finally releasing some new stuff since our debut 7”!
By the way, the song Chemistry of that first single is featured on a sampler by our booking agency Unternative Events & Bookings! Download it over here. It’s free. Also featured are our heroes in River Jumpers, Antillectual, The Death Traps, Schelles, March, Starry, Dowzer, Sparky’s Revenge, Dirty Bastards, … , the list just keeps going on and on and on.

O, and did you know that we provided some backing vocals for the The Death Traps debut EP? You can download their EP over here. Seven instant bangers.

In other news, as you might have noticed; we’re in the studio again! That explains the lack of show-updates lately. More info on our next release soon..
But first we’ll meet at the legendary Claiming The Crown fest on April 25th. We had a blast last year and this year will probably be even better! Also performing are our good friends The Death Traps, March and The Law Won. So please, pretty please, get your ass over there!


– The Harsh Realms Wi-Fi Association

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