We’ll be gnomes

2014 started off great! We did amazing shows with lots of whooping bands such as Starry, River Jumpers, The Death Traps, The Priceduifkes, etc. Plus we played the second edition of Bastard Fest with lots of more amazing bands, which was awesome!

Our next gig will be on the 4th of March with the legendary A Wilhelm Scream, Astpai and lots of more brutal bands. This will be a carnival show, so feel free to dress up and stuff. We just got word that it’s already SOLD OUT, this will be so rad.

But, we made a promise in our previous news message, right? Recordings, huh?

While some of us were busy fighting windmills, we also found the time to record a Split 7”. We recorded it DIY style with the master of maggi-cooking; Jasper van den Broek, known for his work with Call It Off, The Lowest Standard and Wasted Bullet. The 7” will be shared with UK based band Dear America. Check these guys out, we know you’ll like them.

It will be released on the European punk & hardcore label NO PANIC! Records. So far they released records by bands such as The Riot Before, The 101’s, River Jumpers, so I guess you know why we are stoked to become part of their legacy!

Pre-order details will follow soon, just a little more patience..

That’s it for now. This weekend we’ll be celebrating carnival, so hopefully not too many embarrassing photos pop-up!


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