A bird with no wings is a rat to me – Our view on 2013.

The year started off great, doing shows with Lower Than Atlantis, Apologies I Have None, Smoke Or Fire, Astpai, Versus The World, PJ Bond and Nothington in Holland, Belgium and Germany. Call that a start of a year. Sharing the stage with so many great names. Bands that have inspired us to make punk rock and all.

Then somewhere in June we had to cope with the major setback of Deny leaving the band. It’s quite hard to deal with such a thing, just when everything is working out so well. But Deny had his good reasons and we were ofcourse okay with that. Deny did all the shows we had left, untill we’d find a replacement.

The search for a new guitar player began and it took us about a few months to find the right one. Coen was ready complete the band again.

Coen’s first 3 shows (in one weekend) were not with the least of names. Off With Their Heads, Teenage Bottlerocket and Antillectual. Call that a baptism of fire! But he did well, we did well. Great shows!

We’re talking summer now. And that means festivals. We had the honour to play at Brakrock (BE), Rock Over Halsteren, Bunkfest, Breda Barst and Mohawk Open Air (DE).

We ended up doing a 30 some shows, and amongst them, two in the UK. Thanks to Paul Perity and River Jumpers for this.

And now I hear you guys thinking: ‘What’s with the releases?’. Right, there were none 😉 But we’ll make that up to you in 2014. And that’s a promise!

We’d like to thank everyone that booked us a show, gave us a floor to sleep on, came to a show, started a pitt or supported us in any other way. Also props to White Russian Records for supporting us and releasing awesome shit!
For now, have a rocking new year and don’t forget to put your beer goggles on!




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