We only see each other at weddings and funerals

So it’s December again!
The time to celebrate we lost another year of our lives listening to some awful 80s records. But before we make a final list of our greatest Bon Jovi tracks we want to tell you that we are playing some awesome shows with great bands to end the year.

First of all, this Friday we play with Rites, March and the awesome friends from Call It Off! at the Speeltuin in Breda. Timetable is online at our Facebook and while you are looking at our lovely pictures you could take a moment to like our page as well!

Next week we will trash the stage at JC Capsloc in Capelle aan den IJssel and yes, you just can’t believe it, but again we will play with the lovely Miley Cyrus of the pop-punk scene: Call It Off! Also performing are Life’s Too Short For Us and Yearbook (UK). Join us on a lovely party to end the year in a hipster way!

So it’s more like party or die the next few weeks. Let’s grow a moustache and enjoy the ride of your life. We see you guys in a few days.

The Harsh Realmies


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