New Video & Looking for a new guitarplayer

After nearly a year of hard work and a lot of shows Deny decided to leave our band. We appreciate his decision and we hope to find a new guitar player in the next few weeks. Deny will still be playing our upcoming shows so we won’t skip any of these dates!

So far the bad news onwards to the good news. We just released a video for Sink In Time. We want to thank every person that was involved in making this new video. Special thanks to Bram Bergs for editing and filming the complete video.
It all felt so comfortable during shooting. So thanks again.

Sink in Time (official video)

We’re also still booking shows. These shows can be with or without Deny, time will tell. We just added some shows so be sure to check out our show page here or on facebook. Speaking about shows we just played a fun show with Smoke or Fire, Versus the World, Astpai and PJ Bond. Go check some of these guys at the Groezrock or Queensday Festival. They won’t waste your time.

Next shows:

Friday 26 – 04 – Onderbroek – Nijmegen (with Apologies, I have none)
Monday 29 – 04 – Publieke Werken – Breda (with Schelles, Dowzer and Gino’s Eyesball)
Thursday 01 – 05 – Kroepoekfabriek – Vlaardingen (with Nothington and Apologies, I have none)
So onwards we go…………………..

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