A brief look back at 2012

When we started this band half a year ago, Stu Larrymore wrote us this biographical story in which he kind of mocked the idea of starting a punk rock band in 2012. The year of the Apocalypse.
In our ignorance, we tried to take as much advantage of the time we had left as a band. The effort and energy we put in it resulted in great experiences and a some highlights.
Here are some of the things we were lucky enough to be part of during our first 6 months as a band, in no particular order:

– Recording 2 songs with XPZ Sound in Panningen of all fucking places.
– Being received into the White Russian Records Family.
– Try-out show in St. Oedenrode. First show ever.
– Supporting Antillectual at their EP release party. Full rehearsal room.
– BoemtikFest, Goes. Incredibly well visited! People going berzerk on True Believers.
– North Empire Fest, Castricum. On the bill with bands such as Crazy Arm and Apologies, I
I Have None.
– Getting many positive comments on our youtube release of Chemistry. Appreciate this!

As you can see, we did some awesome stuff. It makes us work even harder next year. As for motivation, there’s nothing as stimulating as appreciation. And we received it, a lot!
The only disappointing thing is that our 7″single still hasn’t been released yet, due to lazy record pressing companies in Germany. It’s been 3 months now. Minor setback. But we’re sure to release it through White Russian Records in January/February!

All in all, it happened to be a great year for us and the outlook for 2013 is great.
And with the earth still being amongst us, we are glad that we founded this band and we will continue to work hard and try to create something beautiful in the next year! A full length maybe?
Something worth staying awake for people.
Have a great new year and FUCK Stu Larrymore!

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