Uh! Uh! Uh! You didn’t say the magic word.

So what have we been up to? Let’s start with the infamous BoemTikFest in Goes and what a great night that was! We rocked like the end of the world was near. As a matter of fact,
I think that night produced more decibels than the apocalypse. Great festival, great audience and
not the least, great music by the likes of Against Time, The Unborn, John Coffey and many others! Thank’s Goes!

Next up was The Devils Place in Saarbrücken Germany. As always, great people, great music, great food (like a whambam, leg of lamb, bacon, chips and ham, like a ding dong sing song banging on the gong, whoohoo kungfu, pepper in a curry stu, tick tock bombclock ready for a food shock!) and it was nice to see a lot of friends again. We will be back.

So that was that! Also check the interview that we did with Some Will Never Know zine. Lot’s of secrets!


Our next show will be in Castricum of all fucking places. North Empire Fest that is! Together with great bands such as Crazy Arm (UK) and Sweet Empire! We’d like to see you guys over there!

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